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Here’s How to Choose the Best Barbecue

Fire up the grill for sizzling outdoor cooking. From summer grillers to four-season pitmasters, Canadians love to barbecue. Are you in the market for a new barbecue? Find your match based on fuel, size, heat output (BTUs) and features. Here’s how to find the grill of your dreams.


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Barbecue Features

Let’s move on to the juicy stuff: barbecue features. Avid backyard chefs are passionate about features like size, BTU rating, infrared burners and smoking. Here’s what you need to know.

Cooking Area

Choose a barbecue with a cooking surface suited to your household size and lifestyle.

One or two people: Look for 200 square inches of cooking surface.

Average four-person family: Look for450 to 550 square inches cooking surface.

Large family or avid entertainers: Look for 550 to 650 inches of cooking surface.

Heat Output (BTUs)

The BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating on your grill indicates the maximum output of the main burners under the cooking grate.

Grills with 80 to 100 BTUs per square inch will heat up quickly and maintain efficient cooking heat.

Infrared Burners

Grills with infrared burners heat up fast and generate higher temperatures than conventional grills.


A gas or propane grill with built-in smoker box lets you infuse food with real hardwood smoke, without having to buy a separate smoker.

Side Burners or Shelves

Side burners provide an extra cooking surface where you can boil, steam or sauté́. But if that’s not a priority, sturdy side shelves can hold your serving dishes and marinades.

Barbecue Tools & Accessories

Gear up for great grilling. The right tools and accessories can bring your backyard barbecues and outdoor camping cookouts to the next level.

BBQ cover
propane tank
Tools & tongs

rubs & spice mixes
Smoker Box
Grill Care
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