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Keep the Right Hardware on Hand for All Your Projects & Repairs

Having the right hardware will help avoid a trip to store while you’re in mid-project or repair. A good selection of nails of various lengths and thickness is essential. Screws are also a must-have for any task involving wood, and if you’re working with drywall or masonry, you’ll need anchors too. Nuts, bolts, and washers are ideal fasteners for holding together objects with unthreaded holes, especially if they have to withstand force or weight.

If you’re hanging shelves you’ll need brackets and braces, and working on cupboards will require hinges, hasps, drawer pulls, handles, and other cabinet hardware. Hooks and hangers can also come in handy and can be easily installed almost anywhere. If you’re hanging a new door you’ll probably want to install a new door handle, door latch, and strike plate. Be sure to check the weather stripping around doors and windows every spring and fall to eliminate drafts and save energy. You should also be familiar with the type of windows in your home in case you ever need to replace the window hardware or install new window glass or window screens.

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